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Related article: race of the meeting, and it was a more or less eventful affair. The skill of Sloan as a jockey scarcely wanted demonstrating, but it was demonstrated in a remarkable way by the cleverness with which he rode Chevening. Chevening had won the Queen's Prize at Kemp ton, and was looked upon as a good little one. The possibility of his defeating Diamond Jubilee was entertained by more than one, or else his price would not have been 3 to i. How much was known in the ring of what had happened to Diamond Jubilee at exercise cannot be said. He had had one of his ^^orst fits of temper, during which he had rolled over with his jockey and afterwards sweated for hours, and had these particulars Order Levofloxacin been public property there would have been no laying of 2 to i on. There were but six runners, and when six of the ten furlongs had been covered. Diamond Jubilee was,^ apparently, to win as easily as in the Two Thousand ; but Sloan had been seen to cross over from the left, so as to lie in the right rear of Diamond Jubilee, and at 48 BAILY S MAGAZINE. UULY the proper moment he stole up behind, as we have seen him do before, with success. He did not quite catch Jones napping, how- ever, but it was a race. Jones remained cool, merely using his hands, and Sloan*s fine jockeyship failed by a head. The result of the race naturally affected the Derby betting, people once more turning to Forfarshire. But the owner of Chevening entertained no illusions as to his chance of beating Diamond Jubilee at Epsom. He never expected to get as near doing so again. But Chevening was backed for a place in the Derby for a lot of money, and plenty stood him to win out- right, with the suitability of the Epsom Course as a reason. Epsom Summer Meeting. — The Derby of 1900 should have been a very interesting one had Cheap Levofloxacin things gone well with all the in- tending runners. We have so much racing that incidents which agitate us one day are forgotten the next, and now that Diamond Jubilee has won for his royal owner the Derby with a colt bred by himself for the second time, we find it easy enough to forget all the dreadful Order Levofloxacin Online things that were thou<;ht and written at the back end of last season, when the possibility of the Derby being won by Democrat, a gelding, appeared by no means remote. Some would have been satisfied by nothing less than a revision of the condi- tions of the race, whereby geld- ings should be disqualified for it. Now that the danger is passed we hear no more of Levofloxacin Levaquin this, but the outcry will certainly be revived when another dangerous gelding makes its appearance. Democrat seems to have gone entirely to the bad. He had shown promise quite early in the year of having kept his form, but soon went all to pieces. This really surprised no one im- bued with Generic Levofloxacin old-fashioned notions of running two-year- olds, which discountenances running them, as Democrat was run, eleven times in a season, though American two-year-olds are often subjected to more severe seasons than this. With the two - year - old form only to go Levofloxacin 500 Mg by, this defection of Democrat . left the way clear for Forfarshire, who came on in the second half of his second year in wonderful fashion ; but what we saw of him at Newmarket did not suggest that this improvement had been maintained. Seeing Diamond Jubilee and Forfarshire out within two days of one another, a splendid opportunity for comparison was presented, and the comparison was all in favour of Diamond Jubilee, horse for horse. Very excellent judges looked upon the race as a certainty for the Prince of Wales, and these were people who back their opinions in no niggard manner. Others who were satisfied with expressing an opinion only received a shock after the Newmarket Stakes, fear- ing Diamond Jubilee's temper, and these became a numerically influential Forfarshire party. This was excellent for the Diamond Jubilee men, who were able to get their money on at a price which surprised them. They had been glad to take 7 to 4 and even 6 to 4, but here was 9 to 4 thrown at their heads. The Turf always v/ill present the puzzle, I suppose, of Buy Levofloxacin how men's minds are affected, for, with no two opinions possible on the question which was the better horse, the item of temper was allowed to have such Buy Cheap Levofloxacin weight that the majority of turf '* pro- phets" went for Forfarshire as their final selection. They had to lie down before the day was over. Entirely satisfactory the race I900.] "OUR VAN. tt 49 for the Derby was not, for Sloan, on Disguise II., cut across and amongst the others at Tattenham Comer so as to seriously Purchase Levofloxacin Online incom- mode more than one. Diamond Jubilee was slewed round almost at right angles, whilst Simon Dale was nearly stopped. Small wonder, then, that Disguise II. was able to show a bold front in the straight. Levofloxacin 500 Diamond Jubilee wore him down fairly enough, and then Simon Dale came on the scene, getting to the girths of Diamond Jubilee, who won by half a length. The interference at Tattenham Corner was all the more serious because Diamond Jubilee's jockey was not one in the first flight, though nothing could have been better than the way he has ridden the colt. But he was naturally extraordinarily anxious, and a contretemps quite outside anything he could reason- ably calculate upon might very easily upset him seriously. One of the stock arguments of the pro -Forfarshire party was that Diamond Jubilee would be upset by the Epsom crowd. These people knew neither Levofloxacin Online their Dia- mond Jubilee nor their Forfar- shire, for the last-named it was who was upset, Diamond Jubilee being satisfied with one brief flourish of his heels in the parade, and this with him is mere Buy Levofloxacin Online play. Forfarshire had the bad luck to be struck into in the race Purchase Levofloxacin so badly as to have to Levaquin Levofloxacin remain at